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The Company of Writers emerged from several courses and workshops led by Writer and Teacher Robin Mukherjee at different academic institutions.  The question was: how do we keep in touch, and keep the momentum - and the inspiration - going?

Well, this is it.  What we have, hopefully, is an online sanctuary where scriptwriters, film-makers, copywriters, lyricists, poets, novelists and composers can meet, talk, share and learn.

Its purpose is to inspire, motivate and develop. If you're in search of knowledge, then hear from those who have gone before. If you have experience to share and insights to impart, then here's the place to be heard. If you're looking for collaborators or those with complementary disciplines to take your projects further, then just ask.  One of our great strengths is a buddy system through which you can share work with others to give and get supportive feedback.

Few of us can work in isolation all of the time. We all know how inspiring it can be to sit down over a cup of coffee with friends and fellow creatives. You never know what gems you'll take away with you, or what gems you might give to others.

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