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The chances are you’ve attended a course or workshop by Robin and asked how to carry on with the inspiration and the company.  The COW Café was mentioned.  Or perhaps you are a friend of an existing member, or a student of one of our teaching members.  Well, whichever it is, you are very welcome.

You are a writer. That’s why you’re here. You enjoy writing (mostly). Perhaps you feel that you have something to learn. Perhaps you don’t. Most writers learn all the time, every day. Sometimes that’s through the act of writing. Sometimes we learn from others. And sometimes the clouds part, the heavens open, a chorus of Muses appears in the sky and knowledge is handed to us in a golden vial. But let’s not get too metaphysical here. One of our teaching members says he learns most about writing from his students. Somehow, sharing is learning. But perhaps we’re getting metaphysical again. There’s a simple principle, though, that the company of our fellow writers helps. It provides knowledge and gives us a chance to share ours. It offers support, consolation and encouragement. It can provoke and enthuse us. It can get us to stop fussing, sit down and write that thing.

So what now?

Of course you can explore the open parts of the site.  You can check out the Academy, book a course and get some professional feedback.  You can also look into the sort of things some of our members are up to in The Gallery.  If you wish to join, you’ll have to send us an email letting us know how you qualify.  Details are in the Registration section.  Essentially, you must have attended a lecture, talk, course or workshop by Robin or have been invited by an existing member.  All membership is subject to approval.

And that’s it. If you do join, feel free to dip in, add threads, comment on existing threads, share work, look out for industry opportunities and, if you need intensive help, get in touch with a professional reader or find a writing buddy. The site, in the end, will be what you make of it. Good luck with the writing and enjoy. Read more


How to Register on the Forum

Joining the community is simple enough (you'll be glad to hear).

In the first instance, we'll need an email from you saying who you are and how you know about COW. You might have already sent this, but if not, just email Charlotte. Mention who invited you or which course, workshop or lecture given by Robin (or one of our teaching members) you attended and when.

Then click on the Register button which you'll see in the top menu bar. You will be asked for various bits of information (your age is a legal requirement). Don't worry, this won't be publicly available. You will set your username and password, fill in the anti-spam box, agree to the terms, and that's it for the moment. You will receive an email shortly thereafter confirming membership and asking for verification. It's simpler than it sounds!

If you don't hear back within three days then send us another email. Something must have got lost in the ether.

Here are some formal notes: These accounts are only for your personal use, anyone distributing their account details will be removed from the community and the account blocked.

Please be aware that by registering you are agreeing to the forum's Terms of Service - this is view-able by clicking the 'register' link on the forum and scrolling down.

You are also agreeing to the COW community code - support, inspire, create!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Team

Who's who? or ermm whom?

Admin - THE BIG BOSS, this is just our main login for when things go horribly wrong and will not be an interactive member of the community. If you have any problems please contact one of the moderators or the website directly. Messages to this account will not be monitored.

Adhesiveduck - A.K.A. Charlotte, currently chief moderator and a scriptwriter in training.

Robin - Website founder, screen writer, radio dramatist and occasional teacher.

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